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Jiangsu xiangdao Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is an industrial enterprise focusing on R & D, manufacturing, sales and service of high-speed knitting machine series equipment and surrounding supporting equipment. The company is located in Shanghai, the international capital, and has Jiangsu Dongtai high-speed knitting machine production base. The company covers a total area of 30000 square meters, and the existing construction area is 15000 square meters. There are two phases of planning The construction area is 10000 square meters.
Xiangdao company is one of the manufacturers with large production scale, professional production equipment, strong technology and productivity. The company is an entity manufacturer with high self-supporting ability of spare parts, and is a manufacturer that comprehensively masters the independent production process of all core parts of high-speed knitting machine, so as to ensure long service life.
With strong R & D ability, excellent production equipment, self-contained spare parts production capacity, and quality control of the whole production process, xiangdao has developed and produced more than 600 kinds of high-speed knitting machine products in 13 series. At present, the production and sales of xiangdao high-speed knitting machine products rank the top in the world, which are sold well in more than 30 major cities in China, and exported to dozens of overseas Europe, America and Southeast Asia country. We have more than 30 offices in China and after-sales service offices in overseas countries, which are highly recognized by customers at home and abroad!
With the purpose of "developing domestic machinery and equipment technology level and revitalizing domestic machine manufacturing strength", the company implements the sustainable development strategy, firmly grasps the comprehensive core technology of high-speed knitting machine, improves the overall technology, and makes application contribution to the development of high-speed knitting machine industry as always.
Advantages of soundtrack high speed knitting machine:
1. Technical specialty: good performance, fast speed, light voice and long service life;
2. Accessories advantages - self supply of spare parts, with decades of spare parts production experience;
3. Super scale: domestic and international production and sales rank first;
4. After sales guarantee: 2 years for the whole machine and full warranty for some vulnerable parts.

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Add:No.16, nanshenzao industrial concentration zone, Annan Industrial Park, Dongtai City, Jiangsu Province

Jiangsu xiangdao Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.