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The function of Jiangsu xiangdao knitting machine spindle
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The length of roving spindle of Jiangsu xiangdao knitting machine is about 1 m, which is supported by oil cup spindle foot and spindle sleeve. The material is high-quality high carbon steel. After heat treatment, it has high manufacturing accuracy and enough rigidity and hardness. The main body of spinning spindle is spindle rod and spindle plate, which are combined into a rotary body. The ingot rod is made of ball bearing steel. It is first turned or hot rolled into a slender rod blank, which is ground after heat treatment. The middle bearing block and the lower spindle tip of the spindle rod should have high manufacturing precision, finish, hardness and wear-resistant microstructure. The upper part of the spindle rod is used to support the bobbin. It must be very straight, tough and elastic. The spindle plate is bell drum shaped and tightly sheathed in the middle of the spindle rod. It is made of cast iron or free cutting steel. It is driven by spindle belt or dragon belt. The upper bearing is placed in it to prevent flying dust from invading the bearing. The spindle foot is the support of the whole spindle and is used for oil storage. The spindle hook is used to block the spindle plate to prevent the spindle rod and spindle plate from being taken away from the spindle foot or moving violently when the bobbin is pulled out. The brake is used to brake spindles and bobbins for joint operation. It is used in cotton spinning, wool and chemical fiber spinning and twisting.
The supporting forms of spindle are generally divided into:
① The upper bearing and ingot bottom are both rigid supports;
② The upper bearing and ingot bottom are elastic supports;
③ The upper bearing and the ingot bottom are rigidly connected and supported by elastic elements as a whole;
④ The upper bearing is rigid support and the ingot bottom is elastic support.

The fourth type of support is widely used. The upper bearing and bearing seat of the knitting machine are pressed into the spindle foot, or the upper bearing is directly pressed into the spindle foot. Some of the spindle bottoms are of separate structure, that is, the spindle bottom is separated from the upper bearing, and the spindle bottom is assembled in the central sleeve and assembled in the spindle foot by means of elastic elements; some are connected structures, in which the upper bearing and the spindle bottom are connected as a whole by elastic elements. The supporting form of the knitting machine enables the spindle bottom to swing radially, the upper and lower bearings can self adjust the center when the spindle rotates at high speed, and the spindle tip keeps normal contact with the spindle bottom. The outer part of the spindle bottom is also provided with a vibration absorption device: a combined sleeve or a vibration absorbing coil spring, which is immersed in the lubricating oil together with the spindle bottom, which can absorb vibration by using the viscous damping effect of the oil layer, so that the spindle can run stably at high speed.
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Add:No.16, nanshenzao industrial concentration zone, Annan Industrial Park, Dongtai City, Jiangsu Province

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